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Thoughts on The Rolling Stones 2003-2024
Sunday, 29 October 2006
Boy Did We Get Screwed
Mood:  irritated
(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

She saw me coming
She saw me coming, yeah
She saw me coming
I didn't see a thing
I wasn't looking
I just walked into it
A sucker for it, I'm a sucker
Thought I was so cool
She saw me coming
Boy did I get screwed... yeah!

Maybe they saw me coming? Who knows. Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall was to be my first indoor small arena gig since last March in Vegas. And, it was the night after my birthday, so how much more fun could it be?

Well, the show got cancelled 6 hours before showtime. WHAT??? Postponed really, but that doesn't helps things. It doesn't take care of the almost $2000 on my credit card paid for 4 tickets at $475 each, or the $200 airfare to travel to Atlantic City, or the $200 hotel room, or the food, drinks, gambling...we didn't have to spend had we known we weren't going to get a show. My friend Elizabeth flew in from California for God's sake. My other friend Susan drove down from Alexandria, VA and my friend Isabel flew from Chicago. And then there were the folks who came from Holland, Germany, Japan, etc. I feel even worse for them.

I know shit happens. I have had cancelled shows before. During the Licks tour I flew to Amsterdam and of course couldn't return for the new date. But this was the most unlikely of shows to get cancelled and I think it had less to do with Mick's voice and more to do with Clinton's bash and the Scorcese filming. I'm not blaming Mick or anything, but those who were listening to rehearsals just the other night said he was in fine voice. In my opinion, the only reason this show was cancelled was because of stupid Clinton's Beacon show on the 29th and the fact that Scorcese is filming those shows and yes, Mick HAS to be in good voice for those shows. Those shows, could not be cancelled. AC could. Painful news, since we are not going to the Beacon shows.

So, there we were having a blast the night of my b-day. Then on the 27th at 2pm we were having lunch at Sonsie across from Boardwalk Hall at the Pier and my phone rang with Susan on the other end saying "I have some bad news for you..." and immediately by the tone of her voice I thought to myself "please don't say they are cancelling this show"...but that was what she said. We were stunned.

The Stones had not played Boardwalk Hall since 1989. This show was sold out, it was hyped all over town, it was in every paper, on billboards, the media in NJ was out in full force. Casinos were hosting parties and contests to win tickets. the whole town was abuzz. How could it happen here?

We walked back up the Boardwalk in shock, calling others to pass on the news. Many people were still enroute to AC. Some people arrived at the venue ay 7pm only to find the cancelled sign posted on the door to the venue. One guy was quoted in the paper as saying "When I see Mick Jagger I'm going to kick his ass!".

Once we got over the initial shock, there was nothing left to do but...drink. LOL. So we bought some beer and Elizabeth and I went to party with our friends Susan, Isabel, Ed & Debbie in their room. Later E & I went to happy hour at the Blue Martini at Bally's. Lost more money. Then we met up with everyone again at the Atlantic City Bar & Grille where were partied the night away & commiserated with fellow fans until 2am.

The new date was announced almost immediately, which also led me to believe that they knew about this cancellation earlier than we think they knew. Now, since this is rescheduled for Nov. 17, and there is an LA show on the seems the LA show will get pushed back a few days, which will piss those people off too.

Well, what can ya do? Shit happens. And you can't blame this one on Keith!

Posted by blue_lena at 11:53 AM EDT
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