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[heartbeat]I love Keith because...

[heartbeat]"Keith is the soul of the Rolling Stones. That man lives for his music & you can see it & feel it in your own soul when he plays those classic riffs "live". Not to mention, he's the best rhythm guitar player in the world. Keith is honest, genuine, and I love his "I don't give a shit" attitude. Keith ain't afraid to say what he thinks or feels! I love his voice, tunes like You Got The Silver, Thief In The Night, Nearness Of You and We Had It All...well just listen to them! Keith also cares about his fans & he shows that he appreciates them-thanks Keef! And of course, Keith is so damn sexy, he's got a style that's all his own & we love it! LOVE YA KEITH :-) XOXO BLUE LENA

[Keith Life Mag 97]

[heartbeat]"Why I love Keith? There are so many reasons you know. He's my Man, Lord Richards thru and thru, love those Riffs, not to mention he's drop dead SEXY!!! And I love that shit hanging style Baby! ELIZABETH

[heartbeat]"Keith is SO fantastic! Keith is the heart and soul of MY rhythm! He's SO SEXY and he makes me smile with HIS gorgeous smile! I LOVE to hear his voice when he speaks & I LOVE to watch his hands manipulate the frets of his guitar!! :)His laughter is contageous. I love to hear him sing Happy and when Keith sings We Had It All, it makes me cry! Keith OOZES with SEX and ROCK AND ROLL"

[heartbeat]"I really like Keith a lot. Next to Charlie, he's my favorite Stone...and probably one of my all time favorite people. He's honest, painfully honest. And funny. And he loves his music. He is completely dedicated to rock and roll, and he gives it his best. He doesn't tolerate other members of the band fucking off, and he demands the best from them and from himself. I like that a lot. I'd love to meet Keith someday I think he would be a hoot, and he would probably introduce me to Charlie, which would make him absolutly my favorite person!"

[heartbeat] "I love Keith's no bullshit attitude, his honesty, his philosophy on life, his commitment to the music, those great guitar riffs. The looks say it all - the don't cross me/dont f*** with me look/ the cheeky look that makes a fan melt etc. I love the way he wears his clothes, the "dangly" bits, everything looks good on Keith. Love the way he moves - grace and style, love the chemistry between Keith and Mick, love the way he touches people, he's not afraid of physical contact. Love his interviews, makes great reading as what he says is usually right on. The passing years may have added a few wrinkles, but these just give his face character and at 56 he's in great shape, the man's got SOUL!!!" Dee Downunder

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