Some great memories with some great people I've met during various Stones related events since 1996

Updated 06-03-07

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Finally a photo with Keith in Las Vegas 11.11.06

My No Security cd autographed by Keith on my birthday in Oct. 1998 thanks to EH.
Backstage with Chuck Leavell when he played with Gov't Mule in Cleveland, OH Oct. 2001
My friend Joe & I with Chuck backstage in Cleveland, OH Licks Tour 2002.
Note from Chuck Leavell regarding his book Forever Green 2001
My friends and I with Buddy Guy at Legends Chicago after he opened for the Stones in 1998
Buddy Guy autograph 2002
Buddy Guy autograph 1998
With Blondie in Pittsburgh Sept. 2005

Me and Bill backstage in San Francisco 2005

Me and Bill & his wife backstage in Las Vegas 2006
Keith's daughter Angela and I on the mixer board Sheffield, England 1999
Angela Richards and Blue Lena in Pittsburgh Sept. 2005
Blue Lena with Angela Richards & her husband Dominic in Washington, DC October 2005
Me and Shelley Lazar at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills 2006
Handwritten fax from Keith 2001
Handwritten fax from Keith part 2 from 2001
Charlie Watts at his Quintet show at Massey Hall Toronto, Canada 1996
Charlie signing autographs after the show in 1996
Charlie's drum kit during intermission of the Quintet show '96
Elizabeth & I with Bobby Keys in San Juan Capistrano 2000
Bobby's autograph

Summer & I with Bobby

My friends and I with Bobby Keys in San Juan Capistrano after playing with Levon Helm's Barnburners 2000
Elizabeth & I with Bernard at the Fairmont San Jose April 1999
Bernard, Blondie & I at the Ritz Carlton Washington, DC Oct. 2002
Bernard, Blondie & I at Stones Place Toronto Dec. 19, 2003
Blondie & I in Toronto 2003
Jay Leno & I at Legends Chicago 1998
Jay Leno's autograph
Buddy Guy, Jay Leno & Kevin Eubanks during Tonight Show filming Chicago 1998
Freddy Sessler & I at the Memory Motel 1999
Freddy & I in Wildwood, NJ 1999
My friends & I with Paul McCartney's half-sister, Ruth McCartney and Step-Mother Angie McCartney in the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio Las Vegas 1997
Blue Lena, Blondie & Elizabeth in Chicago Sept. 2005

Blue Lena & Tim Ries in Chicago Sept. 2005

My KDKA interview in Pittsburgh before the Stones show there 9-28-05

Bernard Fowler, me, Tim Ries and Michael Davis in Pittsburgh March 2007